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Enabling Technology

Advisory Services

Our profound knowledge and commercial experience provides us an intimate understanding of the medical imaging AI market’s pain points, adoption hurdles, and workflow gaps. The breadth of our consulting includes:

  • Large AI Aggregators,
  • Cloud Vendors,
  • Technology Platforms & Tooling Companies,
  • International Research Consortiums,
  • Data Sources & Data Tooling,
  • Data Migration & Interoperability Specialists, and
  • Viewers.

Similar to large innovation and research efforts, we can bring enabling technology partners together to orchestrate and leverage solutions for complex Medical AI challenges.  

Enabling Technology Partners

  • Data Sources
  • Privacy Preserving Platforms
  • Federated Learning Platforms
  • AI Trial Deployment
  • Data Curation Services
  • Data Harmonization Tools
  • Annotation Services
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Procedural Protocol Tools
  • Data Migration
  • Interoperability
  • Cybersecurity
  • Risk Management
  • Market Campaign Awareness
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“They possess deep market insights other firms would spend months trying to learn. They understand our product, customers, competition and changing dynamics forming future trends in the industry. They are quick to add incredible value.”

– Vernon Colaco, General Manager, International Medical Solutions, IMS CloudVue
Linde Wilson, CEO, The Alliance for Innovation in Integrated Healthcare,  profile pic.

“John Kalafut has the uncanny ability to understand the depth of AI but also the practical application. Asher Orion Group is a great company to work with in this critical space.”

– Linde Wilson, CEO, The Alliance for Innovation in Integrated Healthcare
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“Rarely does a scientist and technologist with such deep domain expertise of existing and emerging technologies also understand the real challenges faced by providers and physicians….He uses his expertise to create powerful, patient-centric solutions that can be deployed into global settings and tested with experts from his vast network of collaborators and trusted partners. ”

– Jay Barrows, Chief Commercial Officer, BraveHeart
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Make medical AI real.

AI and data science are the future. Is medical AI a reality at your organization? We're here to help you.

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