Asher Orion Group Launches Spin-Out


Asher Orion Group is launching Asher Informatics LLC as an independent, Medical AI partner to healthcare systems and private practices, helping them select and activate the right medical AI solutions for their clinicians and patients.

Since its inception in 2021, Asher Orion Group has helped AI Vendors and Enabling Technology Firms of all sizes get to market. Asher Orion Group CEO and Co-founder, John F. Kalafut, PhD, has been at the forefront of medical informatics innovation throughout his career. With 43 patents and counting, many of his innovations are on the market around the world: nuclear medicine and radiological agent delivery, diagnostic and interventional cardiology devices, and patient monitoring systems. Dr. Kalafut understands the unique needs of healthcare providers and the hurdles in digital healthcare transformation. Through Asher Informatics, he is creating software-enabled solutions to help healthcare systems and private practices identify the most appropriate and useful clinical analytical tools, facilitate measurement of utilization, and demonstrate ROI.

It’s important to Asher Informatics CEO, Charlotte Rapkin-Kalafut, that patients everywhere realize the benefits promised by Medical AI. Asher Informatics removes the hurdles to access for small and midsize healthcare systems. Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) can tap Asher Informatics’ deep Medical AI knowledge to help choose the right AI algorithms and platforms. Healthcare leaders can utilize the Asher Informatics expertise to develop an AI Strategy that encompasses their business objectives and includes their internal infrastructure. HCOs look to Asher Informatics to narrow, vet, and independently assess AI Vendor products and platforms before purchasing, and for monitoring their Medical AI once in production.

Asher Informatics has been accepted into the highly successful Incubator program at Ascender Pittsburgh. Chosen from a competitive pool of over 50 startups and small businesses, Asher Informatics joins with 10 other Pittsburgh-based companies for the 2023-2024 cohort. Ascender’s operational support will allow Asher Informatics to focus on enhancing the technology used to provide its flagship services.

For more information on the services offered by Asher Informatics, contact Charlotte Rapkin-Kalafut at