Asher Orion Executive Name The 35 Best Radiology Sources brings expertise to start-ups

Charlotte Kalafut


Asher Orion Group’s Local Medical Imaging Expert Named to The Imaging Wire's Top 35 Radiology Sources

PITTSBURGH, PA — February 26, 2024 — John F Kalafut, PhD renownedin the field of medical imaging and informatics, has been honored with aprestigious recognition, being named one of The Imaging Wire's Top 35 RadiologySources. This accolade celebrates his immense contributions to the advancementof healthcare technologies and his pivotal role in driving innovation withinthe industry. He now looks to bring his expertise to start-up companies.

With an illustrious career history, John Kalafut has previously held pivotal roles such as Chief Scientist, Informatics at GE Healthcare, and Senior Director of Health Informatics Research & Strategy at Bayer Healthcare. Leveraging this extensive expertise, he embarked on a mission to activate medical imaging and digital healthcare innovation that could have a direct impact on patient care by founding Asher Orion Group.

Asher Orion Group, under Kalafut's leadership, has emerged as an independent specialty boutique firm assisting global digital healthcare and regulated medical device companies in honing their products and market fit. Specializing in understanding the deployment, integration and adoption challenges nuanced with new digital health innovations by healthcare organizations, the group has played a pivotal role in the development of AI-driven solutions and clinical pathways for both small and major medical imaging equipment companies.

"I am flattered to be recognized by The Imaging Wire, and love that I’m recognized for having an opinionated personality on medical AI and to contribute to the evolution of medical imaging technologies," said John Kalafut. "At Asher Orion Group, our mission is to make a tangible difference to those innovators who are pushing the boundaries of improving healthcare."

In the past two years alone, Asher Orion Group has worked collaboratively on an impressive 14 product development projects. While supporting and co-collaborating with established industry giants, the group has also expanded its focus to nurture promising start-up ventures. Among these ventures are Rad-Unity,, Procedural Technologies, Aneurisk, and Asher Informatics.

Notably, two of these innovative companies are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aneurisk, emerging from the University of Pittsburgh, is a groundbreaking venture that integrates AI with CT scans and patient data to enhance the prognosis and management of abdominal aortic aneurysms. This technology holds the potential to revolutionize the treatment of this life-threatening condition, which can lead to ruptures if left untreated.

Asher Informatics stands out as the first spin-out company from Asher Orion Group. It is a public benefit company on a mission to improve health equity and ensure that all patients benefit from today’s advances in clinical AI. Recognizing the substantial expense involved in safely and effectively adopting, selecting, and monitoring clinical AI solutions, they have developed a suite of technology-enabled solutions. These are designed to assist even the most resource-constrained healthcare systems in implementing AI assurance infrastructure and governance solutions.

John Kalafut's commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical imaging and informatics innovation has earned him a well-deserved place among The Imaging Wire's Top 35 Radiology Sources. He has over 40 patents in medical device software, has co-developed 7 clinical AI-pathway solutions with different top academic medical centers across the United States and United Kingdom, work has been the outcome of twelve healthcare enterprise solutions currently being sold in markets across the globe and one break-through designation for an AI clinical pathway solution.  His leadership continues to inspire innovation and drive transformative change within the healthcare industry.

For media inquiries or more information about John Kalafut, the Asher Orion Group, and Asher Informatics, please contact:

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