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Rhino Health is an innovator in the field of privacy-preserving edge compute and federated learning. The Rhino platform is designed to protect and keep safe private healthcare data. Rhino's goal is to unlock data collaborations among academic and industry AI developers to develop robust and generalizable healthcare AI/ML solutions. To accomplish this vision, AOG served as a thought partner on product development, risk management, and business development with the Rhino team - tailoring the solutions for a growing, nimble company.


  • Provided gap assessment of security and privacy policies and processes to be compliant with US HIPAA rules.
  • Created summaries of country and region-wide health data privacy and security frameworks and recommendations informed by expert, healthcare legal opinion.
  • Provided an Enterprise Risk Management framework, mitigation and remediation strategies, and direct support and review of contracting processes.
  • Developed a bespoke roadmap and suggestions for quality system development, information security and privacy compliance dependent on product functionality.
  • Provided direct support to Rhino team in healthcare system information security reviews.
  • Helped with the creation of Policy and Procedure documents.
  • Provided advisory support concerning strategies and methods for curating and working with sensitive health data.


With our help, Rhino increased their capabilities to realize their growth potential, and they decreased rework and delays, reducing the cost of deployment. They increased repeatability of implementation and go-live at different clients around the globe.

We provided an evaluation of HIPAA compliance. Our gap assessments of their Policies and Processes against HIPAA aided the Rhino team in crafting of policies, processes and controls applicable to the business. With our InfoSec Certification Roadmap, Rhino achieved both ISO27001 and SOC2 certifications, and are equipped with best practices for the general InfoSec process.

Rhino Health Sucesses

  • In 2022, multiple healthcare organizations (HCOs) joined the Rhino Network, including some of the most prominent academic medical centers in the United States and Israel. The network now includes HCOs from the US, Israel, UK, Brazil, and APAC.
  • Leading AI developers on the network has driven an exponential increase in activity, including the formation of the Federated Learning For Medicine (FL4M) consortium, and the National Cancer Institute's Early Detection Research Network
  • Signed several enterprise customers, such as the American College of Radiology, a strategic partnership with NTT DATA and biopharma companies such as AstraZeneca (as part of the BeyondBio SCALE Accelerator).
AOG provides an enormous value to small & mid-sized startup companies. The AOG team can assess gaps and challenges relative to the US Healthcare market, make extremely insightful recommendations, and guide them as they define strategies.
Ittai Dayan, MD
Co-Founder & CEO

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